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Terms of use of the government information website

Publication date: 05/08/2020, 17:12 | Update date: 18/03/2021, 17:45

Terms of Use

Terms of use of the website

This website (hereinafter: the website) is managed and maintained by the National Digital Office, the Government ICT Authority, an available government unit (hereinafter - the office). The site publishes data files taken from databases belonging to government ministries, trust units and other public bodies (hereinafter: the databases). The use of the website is subject to the terms of use appearing on the website (hereinafter: the terms of use). The use of the databases, as defined above, is not subject to the terms of use, but to the use license provided below. To the extent that a user license is attached to a database that is different from the license given below, the license attached to the database will prevail. You are welcome to use the databases in any way you see fit, subject to the terms of the usage license.

License to use the databases on the website

The use of information is permitted only in accordance with the terms of this license. The office may change the terms of this license at any time, and any such change will take effect immediately upon its presentation on the website. The use of the information will be subject to the terms of the license that were in effect on the date and time the information was taken from the site.


In this license: "the website" - the website "information" - a data file or any part of it, obtained from databases belonging to government ministries, trust units and other public bodies, which are published on the website. "Usage" - doing any act with information restricted by copyright laws, including copying, distributing, making it available to the public, creating derivative works and changing it as is technically necessary to use it in a different situation or in a different format, regardless of the medium in which the information is found. "Value-added product" - any product, service or application created by you and in which information is used about how it is adapted to the product or included in the product in full or in part, according to the terms of this license. "You" - including a person or a legal entity or an incorporated body. In this license - masculine also means feminine.

Use of information under this license

Information protected by intellectual property rights, including copyrights, owned by the State of Israel. The use of the information constitutes consent to the terms of this license, insofar as this consent is required by law. This license grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, time-limited, non-exclusive license to use the Information subject to the terms below. This license does not detract from the uses permitted by law, including the protection of fair use and including the use of facts and data as such, in a way that does not violate the protection of data selection, order and organization.

Permitted uses

You may copy the information, distribute it, make it available to the public, broadcast it, make technical changes to the information and create derivative works from it -- in any medium or format. You may use the information commercially and non-commercially.

Prohibited uses

You may not make the following uses of the information:

present the information in a misleading manner and/or in a manner that causes misrepresentation and/or to change the information in a way that will cause it to be distorted and/or in a manner that harms or may harm the honor or name of the owner of the copyright therein.
use the information in a way that violates the law or law.
make use that will result in a violation of a person's privacy, including by cross-referencing the information with other sources of information.
to present the information in a way that gives the impression as if you received identifiable information, or had access to identifiable information, held by the state about a person.

Specify the source of the information

When using information, you must indicate the source of the information. It will be noted that it is not necessary to indicate the source of the information according to this section regarding the use of the data extracted from the information, when the use of the data does not preserve the originality in the selection and arrangement of the data in the source.

Scope of this License
This license does not apply to:

Data on a person's personality, his personal status, his modesty, his state of health, his financial situation, his professional training, his opinions and beliefs, as well as information about a person's private affairs, all of these as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 1981.
Information whose publication and/or access to it is prohibited by law, or which was obtained illegally and/or without permission, including by bypassing technological measures that are supposed to protect it.
The state emblem, trust unit office or other public body, except in cases where they are an integral part of a document.
Third party rights in information that the Ministry is not allowed to make available to the public under this license.
Rights that are not copyright, including other intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and designs, including rights under the Privacy Protection Law.
Any technological means, including software, applications and applications, through which the site operates.

Copyright in value-added products

Copyright in value-added products will belong to you or whoever you designate. However, the copyrights in the information used under this license, included in the value-added product, to the extent that they exist, will belong to the State of Israel, when the use of the information will be subject to this license of use.

The absence of guspanka or sponsorship

This license does not grant you the right to use the information in a way that creates a presentation or implies any official status in this use or that the state grants sponsorship or gives a license to you, to a third party, or to the use you or a third party make of the information or any value-added product.

Representations and disclaimers

The information is made available to you under this license "as is", without any representation, guarantee or commitment regarding the information, either explicitly or implicitly. It is expressly stated in this that the state does not guarantee the suitability of the information for the use you make of it, between using it directly and between using value-added products. The state is not responsible for any damage caused to you or any third party as a direct or indirect result of any act or omission related to the use of information. For the purposes of this section, "the State of Israel" means, including the Ministry, state employees, service providers for the state and its representatives. Without detracting from the generality of the aforementioned, the state bears no responsibility:

for any error or omission in the information, and you will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, caused to you or any third party due to its use.
to changes made to the information by you or by any third party.
towards a third party, arising from the use of information.
For any damage caused due to the use of software applications downloaded directly through the site or activated as a result of the use of the site, including Internet applications (such as Java, JavaScript ActiveX).
The state does not guarantee or undertake to guarantee the continued supply of the information or its continued supply in a certain format. Medana reserves the right to download information from the site at any time.

license violation

Your violation of this license will result in its immediate termination. Conditions that by their nature continue to exist even after the cancellation of the license will continue to apply, including conditions regarding the indication of the source of the information and conditions regarding representations and the absence of liability.

Official publications of the State of Israel

Should a contradiction or inconsistency be discovered between the information and information appearing in the official written publications of the State of Israel, only the material in the aforementioned official publications will be considered correct.

Governing law and place of jurisdiction

This license is subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Israel. The courts in Jerusalem have the exclusive authority to discuss any question arising from the use of this license, including regarding its violation.


A party to this license will not be considered a person who has waived compliance with a condition of the license conditions or as a person who has agreed to a change or violation of a condition of its conditions, unless the waiver or agreement was made in writing by those authorized to legally commit on behalf of that party. This license covers all the rights granted to you regarding the information on the firm's website, with the exception of the exceptions and limitations stipulated by law, including fair use.

Version 1.0

January 3, 2016

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